draconian law

cruel law, harsh law

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  • draconian laws — A code of laws prepared by Draco, the celebrated lawgiver of Athens, that, by modern standards, are considered exceedingly severe. The term draconian has come to be used to refer to any unusually harsh law. Dictionary from West s Encyclopedia of… …   Law dictionary

  • draconian — I adjective austere, exacting, extreme, fanatical, formalistic, harsh, inflexible, insensitive, intolerant, precise, punctilious, puritanical, relentless, rigid, rigorous, ruthless, severe, Spartan, stiff, strict, stringent, unbending,… …   Law dictionary

  • Draconian Times — Studioalbum von Paradise Lost Veröffentlichung 12. Juni 1995 Label Music for Nations …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Draconian — is an adjective meaning great severity, that derives from Draco, an Athenian law scribe under whom small offences had heavy punishments (Draconian laws). Draconian may also refer to: Draconian (band), a Death/doom metal band from Sweden Draconian …   Wikipedia

  • draconian — (Roget s 3 Superthesaurus) (VOCABULARY WORD) a. [dray KO nee un] harsh or severe, especially concerning a law or code; named after the code of Draco, from 621 b.c. Some favor taking Draconian measures to fight crime. SYN.: harsh, severe, strict,… …   English dictionary for students

  • Law label — A law label is a legally required tag or label on new items describing the fabric and filling regulating the United States mattress, upholstery and stuffed article (e.g.: pillows, plush toys, comforters, etc.) industry. Typically these tags begin …   Wikipedia

  • Draconian — Dra•co•ni•an [[t]dreɪˈkoʊ ni ən, drə [/t]] also Dra•con•ic [[t] ˈkɒn ɪk[/t]] adj. 1) anh law of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Draco or his code of laws 2) law (often l.c.) (esp. of punishment) unusually severe or cruel; harsh • Etymology:… …   From formal English to slang

  • Draconian —   a. pertaining to Draco, Athenian law giver (7th century BC) and his severe and cruel laws; harsh, oppressive …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • draconian laws — /drakowniyan loz/ A code of laws prepared by Draco, the celebrated lawgiver of Athens. These laws were exceedingly severe, and the term is now sometimes applied to any laws of unusual harshness …   Black's law dictionary

  • Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act (Singapore) — Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act A police officer equipped with a firearm and handcuffs An Act to make temporary provisions for the maintenance of public order, the control of supplies by sea to Singapore, and the prevention of strikes and …   Wikipedia

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